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when you flawlessly rap that verse



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Frozen Characters Designs by Jim Kin (x)

I love Elsa’s hair so much it’s not even funny.

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Thought I’d share my father’s comic collection. Collecting since 1965. Has a few #1’shttp://daily-superheroes.tumblr.com/

malena and elle


am i kicked out of the fandom yet

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when you bake a pizza and it finishes

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an0therninja asked: hey man, i tried adding your league account but it kept saying i can't find you, i am on the oceanic server as well, all be it not exactly good but enjoy it for fun, if you want you can add me my summoner name is an0therninja

Hey yeah sorry I changed it, it’s now WoIfsabane … The secret is the L is just a capital I cause some ass stole my gamer tag before I got to lol

Anonymous asked: You're always horngry

Indeed I am